The campus


Key Figures

  • 27 000 students
  • 14 Higher Education establishments
  • 23 research laboratories
  • 650 graduate engineers each year
  • 10 major company-owned R&D centres
  • 4000 apprenticeships
With a university, the Essec, a large business school, five engineering schools, an art school and numerous specialized schools, Cergy-Pontoise is a center of higher education and major research in le Grand Paris. An integral part of the Cergy-Pontoise ecosystem, the campus differentiates itself from others by the diversity and the complementarity of its constituent parts. A large range of industrial and tertiary training opportunities exist, with links to be found between the subject majors offered at the engineering schools, the degrees proposed by the university and the major sector activity to be found in Cergy-Pontoise.


The multidisciplinary nature of the campus and of the professional training on offer reflects that of the economic make-up. It facilitates the recruitment and training needs of the companies, who are able to find profiles adapted to all industrial sectors and jobs, be they operational, technical or management roles. The proximity and constant interaction that happen between the industrial and academic worlds allow for the adaptation of training programmes to distinct industrial needs.


Cergy-Pontoise University

Cergy-Pontoise University is at the heart of the campus. With more than 200 degrees and training propositions on offer, the University welcomes more than 15,000 students across 5 subjects (law, economy and management, languages, humanities and science and technology). It also houses an IUT (institut universitaire de technologie), an ESPE (école supérieure du professorat et de l'éducation) and an IPAG (institut de préparation à l'administration générale). An integral part of Cergy-Pontoise and firmly turned towards the business world, the University has 10% of its students on sandwich courses.

ESSEC (École supérieure des sciences économiques et commerciales)

ESSEC is a business school. It was founded in 1907 and has been in Cergy-Pontoise since 1973. A European reference within the global academic arena, ESSEC teaches students, managers and directors management skills. Every year ESSEC opens its doors to 4,400 students (of which 1,350 are from overseas) and 5,000 professionals.

EISTI (École internationale des sciences du traitement de l'information)

Created in Cergy-Pontoise in 1983 by its current director, Nesim Fintz, EISTI is a large engineering, IT and mathematics school. It also offers a communal preparatory course for the three schools of the Collégium Ile-de-France.

ENSEA (École nationale supérieure de l'électronique et de ses applications)

ENSEA is a public engineering school that trains engineers in IT, networks, microwaves and signal treatment. It is part of the Collégium Ile-de-France, along with EISTI and Supméca.

EBI (École de biologie industrielle)

EBI is a private engineering school providing courses in industrial biology and biotechnologies.

ECAM-EPMI (École d'électricité, de production et de méthodes industrielles)

ECAM-EPMI is an engineering school created in response to the demands of large companies in the electricity sector for graduates with a high-level of both scientific and management training.

ISTOM (École supérieure d'agro-développement international)

The vocation of this engineering school is to prepare future graduates for the conception, delivery and management of agriculture-based economic development projects in developing countries.

ILEPS (École supérieure des métiers du sport)

ILEPS offers students courses of 3 to 5 years in preparation for jobs in sports management, healthcare and well-being and sports education.

EPSS (École pratique du service social)

The EPSS has been training students to work in social services for over 100 years. Every year nearly 800 trainees and apprentices become social workers, children's educators and carers, all with the objective of public reinsertion for the most vulnerable.


ITIN and ESCIA, created respectively in 1988 and 1991 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, merged in January 2013 to create ITESCIA. This establishment offers training courses and apprenticeships in accounting, ICT and business management.

ENSA-PC (École nationale supérieure d'art de Paris-Cergy)

Created in 1975 by the Ministry of Culture and the Nationale Supérieure d'Arts Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC) this art school trains artists for contemporary theatre.

Collège ostéopathique européen

Created in 1987 the European Osteopathy College houses 900 students and is one of the leaders in osteopathy training in France.

Institut de formation aux soins infirmiers

Connected to the René Dubos Hospital in Pontoise, the IFSI provides initial and continuous training for nurses.

ECOTEC (Ecole supérieure d'économie et techniques de construction)

Created in 1989, ECOTEC provides training up to master level in civil engineering and building, with courses ranging from stone cutting for historic monuments to building engineering.