A town to experience


Recognised as one of the most successfully completed "new towns", the town planning to be found Cergy-Pontoise mixes the modern and the old. It is possible to live in the town but with easy access to a forest or a lake, and all for a reasonable budget.
Situated next to the Vexin nature park, Cergy-Pontoise offers a unique place to live. Environmental conservation is of upmost importance and demonstrated by the commitment of the local government to the ambitious Agenda 21 and Territorial Climate and Energy Plan. Alternatively Cergy-Pontoise is also home to France's largest public biomass heating plant.


Cergy-Pontoise offers its inhabitants all the services of a large town, with quality infrastructure and a rich cultural, sporting and leisure offering. Artistic creation and representation also have their place in not only the arts halls, but also in the town's streets during numerous events such as the Pontoise Baroque Festival, Cergy, Soit! Or Festiv'Artère publique. Spread over 250 hectares of water and grassland, the leisure park at Cergy-Pontoise attracts nearly one million visitors every year, who come mostly in family groups to benefit from a number of proposed activities. In terms of sport, nearly 300 associations and 273 venues make Cergy-Pontoise a place of reference.


A young town in terms of its history and the age of its inhabitants, Cergy-Pontoise is experiencing a dynamic growth period. 30% of people living in Cergy-Pontoise are under 20 years old.
Many strategic projects form the future. The Grand Centre will redevelop the town centre. La plaine des Linandes development will provide new sporting equipment, shops and housing, and all within a sustainable development strategy. The Aren'Ice project, a new modular venue for sports and shows seating 3000 people, will reinforce Cergy-Pontoise's sporting offer, notably through the housing the national ice hockey centre, whilst still allowing for the development of local clubs and public access.

Cergy-Pontoise in Figures

  • 195 000 inhabitants
  • 1 job for every 1 working person
  • 45% of employees also live in Cergy-Pontoise
  • 273 sporting facilities and a regional leisure park
  • 3 theatres, one with national productions
  • 1 contemporary arts centre, l'Abbaye de Maubuisson
  • 480 shows per year
  • ¼ of total area non-developed countryside
  • 32 kms of river bank
  • L'Axe Majeur: world famous example of land art

What our companies say

«Everyone likes it here. Everything is in place so that the company will continue to develop ».

Michaël Rizieri, CEO - Environnement TPL