With its innovative companies, institutions of higher learning and its actors that support business projects, Cergy-Pontoise is the perfect breeding ground for innovation. Whatever your profile (from a young entrepreneur to a large account manager), the Urban Community puts you in touch with the key players in innovation active in the area:

  • campus research laboratories and their technology platforms;
  • competitive clusters and business networks specific to your sector;
  • the potential financiers of your innovative projects;
  • experimental sites, to test your innovation in real conditions

In terms of social innovation, the agglomeration supports you in the implementation of CSR actions thanks to:

  • cooperation or sponsorship (UCP foundation, ESS actors ...),
  • the sponsorship of companies in creation,
  • orienting young people and integrating people far from employment,
  • a sustainable development approach at the local level (waste management, energy, etc.).

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The SMART EGG project

2CSI, a company specialised in e-health is participating in an innovative telemedicine project called Smart EEG. The aim of the project is to develop an electroencephalogram (EEG) tool with a video support which will allow diagnosis from a distance under the same circumstances as an on-site diagnosis. This responds to a public health need: ensuring the delivery of test results in the timeframes demanded, whilst also taking into account the human resource available, and thus improving the level of equal access for all to health care.

C2CSI can count on local and national partners for its project. On the industrial side, 4 companies participate in the project: CIRA who manages the programme and 2CSI and ACACIA France, both based in Cergy-Pontoise, and finally the company Partelec, specialised in the integration of nomadic and mobile technology products. The ETIS research laboratory at Cergy-Pontoise is also participating.