Companies benefit Cergy-Pontoise from a network of local actors who support them in their management of human resources. How to hire a timeshare employee? Which contracts to mobilize to recruit a young person? How to improve my "employer brand"? Find all the useful contacts by clicking on "Being accompanied in your HR management". Tell us about your HR needs by contacting us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Companies have every interest in mobilizing the many resources of the Cergypontan campus. A veritable pool of skills, the campus brings together 285 initial professional training programs, from CAP to PhD alternately. Nearly 30,000 students are trained each year! Also think of hosting "tutored projects" that can accompany your development projects. To guide you in this abundant local offer, use our search engine below and find in 3 clicks the contact of the company referent of the training path that corresponds to your needs.

The Ile de France Region and its operator Défi Métiers have developed a directory of the continuous training offer for job seekers, with dates of entry and exit. This tool allows companies to know organizations offering training that can meet their needs and therefore a pool of trained people.


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What our companies have to say

"We have been here for 50 years and we have nearby the employment pool and the qualified personnel that we need, as well as universities and business schools of high quality"
Claunel Massiès, Managing Director, Wika France

"We employ 450 people on our site and have access to an excellent employment pool and prestigious universities and business schools"
Renaud Mesple-Lassalle, Operations Director – Thalès France

"We can count on the presence of a network of training centres via which we find apprentices of high quality"
Nicolas Simon, Managing Director - Weiss Technik France