The economic development team of the Communauté d'agglomération is at your disposal to accompany your development projects for free. Skills needs, networking, accessibility of your site, management of your flows, search for financing, support for innovative projects, real estate needs .... The spectrum is wide! An appointment in company can be organized at your request and will present you the resources of the territory to meet your needs.

Do you want to work on your "employer brand" and give extra meaning to your entrepreneurial adventure? Do you want to concretize your values ​​on your Cergypontan economic basin? Territorial commitment is an original and effective way to retain your employees and attract new talent. It is also a means of differentiation from the economic and institutional world. The Cergy-Pontoise Agglomeration Community assists you to concretize your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by relying on relationships of proximity and trust.

If you want to improve the accessibility of your site, meet the obligation to set up a Mobility Plan (for establishments with 100+ employees) or better inform your candidates and employees of mobility / transport offers to At their disposal, join our Inter-company Mobility Plan (PDIE) approach on Bellevues, Horloge, Béthunes, Vert Galant, Epluches business parks, or simply request support for your Individual Mobility Plan. We have been working for 3 years with 70 employers already committed to this "sustainable mobility" and we will help you benefit from these feedback!

Energy, Waste, Local Buy: Do you want to grab one of these topics, but you do not take the time to do it? We worked for you with 9 business networks and industrial leaders, ambassadors of this approach of "territorial industrial ecology". Discover local solutions in this area and realize significant savings! More info on

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Phycosource: A Cergy-Pontoise success story

Created in 2006, Phycosource is specialised in plant biotechnology and the research of high value add active agents. Both industry and research benefit from the company's know how and procedures. At the moment of its creation, Phycosource received a guarantee from Aface Val d'Oise for a loan of €50,000.

Today, Phycosource is developing numerous collaborative research and development programmes including Blue Hyal 2, a project which was recently selected by the French state for the Fonds unique interministériel. The project also involves Cergy-Pontoise University, the companies Promovalg and Bio-EC and the LVMH group. This 3 year programme therefore benefits from public funding of €321,000, to which the Communauté d'Agglomération de Cergy-Pontoise contributes.